Friday, 7 October 2011

Latest Cards

As usual it's busy, busy, busy round here.  We've just put L down for swimming lessons at the local leisure centre.  He'll be 4 at the end of November so I thought it was about time we took him.  I used to take him swimming when he was a baby but he suffered with so many colds when he was little that it put me off taking him in the end.  Which was such a shame but the sleepless nights when he had a cold were horrendous!

He goes on a Monday at 4pm, my thinking there was that he shouldn't be too tired on a Monday and 4pm was the earliest lesson.  So far, so good.  He went straight in and joined in with the others fine.  Getting him out well that's another matter!

I've been busy making cards for a local beauty salon to stock.

The acceptance and regret cards were for a friend who had been invited to 2 weddings.

I've got my next papercrafting class tomorrow - looks like they'll be 5 people which is great.  Pictures of what we're making are here.

I've been doing local stalls recently and have found them to be really hit and miss, I'm not sure they attract my target market for the classes.  Instead I'm going to go into a couple of local Mums and Tots groups and hope that I get more interest there. You've got to try everything I suppose and see what works for you.

Have a good weekend everyone :)
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