Monday, 19 September 2011

Do you Twitter?

I've just set up a Twitter account and would love to 'follow' my fellow bloggers.  Please can you let me have your Twitter names.

I'm @CraftingUpAStorm

Look forward to tweeting with you :) xx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Head spinning.........then bake

I read somewhere that if you had a lot on your mind you should bake.  Well my head is spinning at the moment!  Nothing bad just there seems to be so much to remember and think about at the moment.  So I did an old favourite - Banana and Choc Chip Cookies.  Having the banana in there makes them feel a little bit healthy!

Actually it worked!  Apparantly it's the focusing of your mind on one the task that helps, not sure how good it would be for your waist line though.  I've already had 5 today!  They taste so good with a cup of tea.  I've made them with wheat free flour too and they taste just as good.

I've been busy getting my papercrafting class ready for Saturday, I've got 7 ladies coming this month.  Numbers have steadily started to creep up which is fab, hopefully the word is out there.

If your interested in what we're making check out my other blog here.
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