Wednesday, 6 April 2011

New adventure

It's lovely and sunny here today, they reckon it should be around 20 degrees, I'll have a bit of that :)

I've decided to embark on a new venture, I'm going to be starting papercrafting classes in my local area.  It's in conjuction with a company called Stampin' Up!, they are an American company and I use their materials in the class and hopefully sell some of them too :)

So I started up another blog Crafting Up a Storm to talk about this.  If you want to have a look please do though don't feel obliged to follow!

I've been putting up posters and this week I have been posting leaflets through doors, around 150 a day, which takes about an hour.  I've not had one call!  Very disheartening but the exercise wont hurt I guess.

If anyone has any tips then I'd love to hear them or if anyone lives in the Leicestershire area and are interested get in touch!

Both of these cards were made using Stampin' Up! papers and/or stamps.

Thanks for listening


  1. Those cards are gorgeous! How cute is mr owl! x

  2. good luck with your new venture, it all sounds very exciting and I've no doubt you will be getting some calls soon. I'm off over to your new blog to check it out and maybe get some ideas as i've never had a proper go at papercrafting before!!

  3. Beautiful cards. I agree with Annie, the owl is sooooo sweet.

  4. I love your cards - so much nicer than the ones in the shops. Owls seem to be all the rage at the moment - they're on everything. Yours is sweet!

  5. The cards are pretty! Hope that you get some calls soon, maybe it just takes people a little while to discuss it with friends and decide if they are going to go? Hope your hardwork pays off! :) x

  6. my friend Gem does Stampin Up!too, and all her stamps and matching stuff is amazing!

    love the acceptance card, simple but lovely :)

  7. sorry, posted comment before i had finished!

    im sure you will get some calls soon, your cards are really lovely, and obviously well made using quality products :)

    good luck hun :)

  8. Good luck with your new venture. Love the owl card x

  9. Those cards are beautiful and like the others have already said far suprior to the ones in most shops.
    Don't be disheartened, I'm sutre the calls will come. Most people are on a bit of a post Bank Holiday downer this week, no doubt they'll be back to normal next week. xxx


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