Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Book giveaway

I'm back from my blogging break, hasn't the weather been fabulous - just like summer.  I can't remember the last time we had so many days of sunny weather all together.  It's much cooler today but I'm ready for a break from the sun.  I'm not one for sitting out in the sun anyway but it's good that the kids can play outside.

I've had this book awhile and have nearly finished it, I won it in Vintage Mum's book giveaway and the lovely Cate put in a bookmark for me and a little chocolate heart, so thoughtful.  Cate won this book from Jille at Love to Craft.  Jille had received it from a friend at work and thought it would be nice to read and pass on.  And that's what I'm going to do.  If you would like to receive this book please leave a comment.

I forgot to show these in my last post, H bought them for me for Mother's Day.  They have only just been thrown away, so pretty :)

This is what L did for me at playschool, very cute!

This is what H made me at school.

Handmade gifts mean so much more.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the lovely weather and the Easter hols are going well for all those with children.  I've realised that I have been blogging for a year now and I shall be doing a giveaway very soon.


  1. The handmade gifts are always the best, they are so cute x

    Well done on your first year of lovely posts xx

  2. I'm sure I'd commented already, anyway it's always lovely to recieve homemade gifts, it makes it so much more special x
    Congratulation on your first year of blogging!!!

  3. fab gifts! Thanks for displaying my flyer x

  4. Congratulations for blogging for a year! That's gone really fast. I'd love to receive the book if you are thinking of passing it on, and then am happy to pass it on again via my blog. We could see how far around the world it goes! Thank you for your lovely comment on my latest blog post. I ummed and aaahed around posting it, but am glad I did. I'm glad it meant something to you when you read it. Hugs, Em x

  5. What lovely gifts. It really is special when they have made them for you isn't it, I still have every card and gift my Amy has ever made for me too, and she is 26!

    Happy Blog Birthday, I am so glad to have your friendship darling! love Annie xx


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