Friday, 4 March 2011

And breathe.....

I can't believe how fast half term week went!  And now it's nearly another week over too.  We managed to have some lovely lie in's which I was so ready for.  I really struggle to get up in the mornings, I don't know if it's because I'm not at work or just because I'm getting older but my eyes do not want to open!

We didn't do a great deal over half term except on the Wednesday we went on the train to Nuneaton which is a larger town near to us.  H needed some new school trousers and shoes so I thought it would be more exciting for L if we went on the train.  Which actually he did enjoy, though there was only 2 coaches so we had to stand going and coming back.  L was in his buggy so it didn't really matter for him but my back was killing by the end of the day.  Think I am just getting old! :)

I've been having a clear out too of some of my old paper crafting stuff and that has been very theraputic, and has made me some much needed money too.  Some times you have to be ruthless and think am I going to use this.  I have to say it's looking alot tidier too and that's got to be good.

I did manage to make this card for my friends daughters birthday, I love owls and thought this one was very cute.

I have realised that at the beginning of April I will have been blogging for a year so I need to get busy and put together a little giveaway to celebrate, details to follow.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Nxx


  1. Oh this is so cute, My step daughter loves owls.

  2. That is really sweet and simple I love it!
    It's good to have a declutter now and again, my poor house is in desperate need ~ I keep making stuff and just stashing it away my poor bedroom is groaning with stuff.
    Kandi x

  3. We had school shoe shopping to do in halfterm too - 2 pairs of teenagers shoes soon break the bank!

  4. Love the card. Know what you mean aout clear outs being theraputic. I need to do another big clear out and carboot soon x


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