Friday, 25 March 2011

Latest card makes & an award

What lovely sunshine we're having at the moment, I'm loving it.  I'm not one to sit out in the sun but it's great not having to wear a coat and L can play outside and get some fresh air.

I've been busy making cards for my friend's flower shop ready for Mother's Day, hopefully they will sell well.

I have been a bit quiet on the making front too but anything that I have made has been for the Birthday swap so I haven't been able to show.  I just wanted to show off a hanging heart that I made though, I sent this off to Crafty Mum, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out!  The red and white stripey material was actually a top of H's!  It already had the bows on it.  She wasn't that keen on it and I thought it would make a lovely heart.  Think I'll do one for myself now :)

This is another card that I've made recently, a friend asked me to do a Wedding Acceptance card for her and this is what I came up with.

H came home from school early in the week with some daffodils, they hadn't even opened yet.  My first question was 'Where did you get them from!', she assures me that they were from the school field and that they were told that it was ok to take a few.  I hope so!  But I was really touched and she was really pleased when they opened out.  I think they look very cheery.

Finally I was given the Liebster Blog award from  the lovely Samantha at Corsets, Crafts and Cupcakes

I've not heard of this one before and think it is a lovely idea, I was really chuffed that Samantha choose me as I know that I am an infrequent blogger.

It is an award given to bring recognition and give exposure to small blogs that have followers of less than 300 in number. If a blogger is given this award and they choose to accept it, they should then link back to the person who gave them the award, then pick three lovely blogs that they regularly read (also with followers of less than 300) to recommend to others :)

It has been difficult to nominate just 3 but the blogs that I'd like to recommend are:

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, we're heading off to Ingoldmells on Sunday we're taking H and her friend and L so will be a busy one!  Hopefully the weather will hold out for us :) xxx

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Giveaway win

Just a quick post to show you my recent giveaway win.  This was hosted by the lovely Amy from Blighty Boutique, I've been following Amy for awhile now and always enjoy reading her posts.

I'd completely forgotten that I'd won so when the postie knocked on Monday I really didn't know what it was.  This is my parcel.

After I'd opened it.

As you can see a lovely assortment of goodies, a gorgeous oven mit, some Stitching templates, some handmade envelopes, an amazing notebook that looks like an old ladybird book (I love ladybird books!) and some great handcream by Soap and Glory (a brand I love too!).

Thank you so much Amy xxx

Friday, 4 March 2011

And breathe.....

I can't believe how fast half term week went!  And now it's nearly another week over too.  We managed to have some lovely lie in's which I was so ready for.  I really struggle to get up in the mornings, I don't know if it's because I'm not at work or just because I'm getting older but my eyes do not want to open!

We didn't do a great deal over half term except on the Wednesday we went on the train to Nuneaton which is a larger town near to us.  H needed some new school trousers and shoes so I thought it would be more exciting for L if we went on the train.  Which actually he did enjoy, though there was only 2 coaches so we had to stand going and coming back.  L was in his buggy so it didn't really matter for him but my back was killing by the end of the day.  Think I am just getting old! :)

I've been having a clear out too of some of my old paper crafting stuff and that has been very theraputic, and has made me some much needed money too.  Some times you have to be ruthless and think am I going to use this.  I have to say it's looking alot tidier too and that's got to be good.

I did manage to make this card for my friends daughters birthday, I love owls and thought this one was very cute.

I have realised that at the beginning of April I will have been blogging for a year so I need to get busy and put together a little giveaway to celebrate, details to follow.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Nxx
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