Thursday, 27 January 2011

Through the Keyhole

Do you remember that programme with Loyd Grossman, I loved it. That's because I am sooooo nosy! I love looking at other people's houses and everyone's house is different.
I love catching a glimpse of fellow bloggers houses when they put pictures up too, naughty me. I'm not ready to put pictures of my house on here because it's just not tidy enough! But I thought I'd show you some of our vintage/retro stuff. Don't be fooled though we've not got some cool house which is a mecca to all things vintage.
This is an old 'The Rythm' iron and no I definitely don't use this, in fact I haven't ironed in 4 years, yes you read that right 4 years.

An old Bush radio, the cross stitch above it was done by my daughter for my OH when she was in the infants school. It's a little grubby but it's very special.

An old clock, not working at the moment. That is an Emma Bridgewater tin in the background and you can just see L's head as he's sat at the table colouring.

This is the top shelf of our little vintage cupboard in the kitchen. Do you remember those milk bottles? We've got loads more in the attic. The mug I picked up at a charity shop for 50p.

This is the second shelf with some old books and bits and bobs.

And the bottom 2 shelves with more glass bottles and nik naks with an old photo of OH's sisters and friend.

And lastly this isn't vintage but it is my favourite picture in the whole world. It was taken when L was only 1 day old, I was lucky to have a wonderful home birth (planned!). H went to bed when I'd just started in labour and woke up a big sister! I put the picture on a sort of scrapbook layout and into a frame. It has pride of place on the wall :). I can't believe how young H looks in this photo too.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed your little tour. xxx


  1. I did enjoy my tour of your lovely things, Nic. Those milk bottles are great. I'm with you on the ironing or rather non-ironing. I never iron either. Love the photo of L and H.

  2. I have always loved those milk bottles and as for that radio - gorgeous! You have lots of beautiful things in your home x

  3. I love your bits and bobs, I'm mega nosey too! I hate ironing too, but I have to do it.
    Kandi x

  4. Lovely stuff! Great to see a bit of your home. I hate ironing too, which is a bit of a pain as I share my craft room with the ironing basket (pile, mountain, mess!) xx

  5. Baby photo is lovely - you wonder where the years went when you look at them from time-to-time! I love your old radio - does it still work?They had a great bass-y sound, didn`t they? Your displays are so pretty. Am off to tidy up my cupboards now, thanks Missus!

  6. It's always great to take a peek through the keyhole, I really enjoyed seeing your treasures! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm glad you like the flowers. I had to tease them out a bit to get them looking the same shape. Even though I followed the exact same steps for each one, none of them is the same size! Em xx

  7. I love nosing at other people's houses too! It's lovely to see some of your vintage bits and bobs. They're fab x

  8. So Sweet, a lovely tour. I would like to do a tour of my house, but I have so much junk, like laundry drying a boxes of stuff with no where to go!

  9. Your blog design and layout is beautiful!


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