Monday, 17 January 2011

New Year Resolutions/Aims

I just thought I'd show what H had started, she has taught herself to knit via youtube and has started to knit 3 colours of wool together and she also did the fringing.

I have been busy since Christmas trying to get L out of nappies, I started off slowly putting him on a few times a day then took him out of nappies whilst at home. Last weekend we just put him in pants all weekend and he a couple of accidents but so far so good. He is at playschool every morning now as he is now funded and he has gone in pants each time and no accidents so far. I'm really pleased as it seemed like he's be in nappies forever!

I've also been busy making Valentine cards for my friends flower shop.

These are the books that I've been buying, just a couple then. I think I'm addicted to buying books, I love the new book smell too :)

I know it's a little late but I wanted to write my resolutions/aims as I thought I would be more likely to keep them then!

To be more organised/plan better

To keep the house tidier, not a show home but be a little more house proud
To start doing yoga again
To be better with money, I have joined Money Saving Expert. Definitely worth looking at if you want to do the same.
To eat healthier, that includes getting the family to do so aswell.
That will do for now!
The OH and I are currently catching up with 'Lost', we had watched the first 2 series on 'normal' tv then it went to Sky and we missed it and you know what it's like, it's at the back of your mind, so what really happened! So we hired series 3 from the library, only £5 for 3 weeks great value. Then my mum treated herself to the box set. Well we watched series 4 before Christmas and now we're on series 5 (there's 6) and my mind is spinning! I keep dreaming about it!
Hope everyone had a great weekend xxx


  1. The cards you make a gorgeous - I bet they sell well! Well done H re: Knitting, isn't youtube amazing, I learnt a knitting stitch there too! Great resolutions - Happy New Year!

  2. Lovely makes honey! I am impressed with H's knitting. Black Swan is definitely not for children. I'm not sure what certificate it is but it is certainly an adults only film. xx

  3. Am very impressed with H's knitting. My daughter is learning to knit (she goes to a knitting club at school) - very holey progress so far. Money Savings Expert is brilliant btw.

  4. Thanks for info re Black Swan, thought it was a film about dancing! Maybe not then :).

  5. Well done to H on her knitting - love the efftect the 3 strands of yarn make.

  6. H's knitting is fab. I love Lost too and am currently working my way through the box set of series two! After a bit of a blogging break, I'm glad to be back again, it's good to read your news!


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