Friday, 10 December 2010

I'm a bit behind on showing my advent goodies, so here are days 4 to 10! I feel so lucky, I have received some beautiful things. I hope that Annie is just as pleased, she assures me that she is, though she is really busy at the moment with shop orders.

Day 4 some really vibrant ric riac in blue, white and red. I can't wait to use this on a project!

Day 5 - some humbugs! Very clever there Annie :)

Day 6 - a really gorgeous hand felted purse, just what I would have picked myself.

Day 7 - some make your own felted earrings, something to amuse me over the festive period.

Day 8 - some yummy chocolate.

Day 9 - masses of red and gold sequins on string, will definitely be using these for my Christmas decorations some how.

Day 10 - a lovely mirror with Sooty, Sweep and Sue, I loved that programme when I was little.

So as you can see I've been throughly spoiled. The time I open these little parcels is getting earlier and earlier, sometimes before I've even had my morning cup of tea! And I've still got another 14 to open, heaven. This has been a great swap, I definitely recommend to anyone who didn't do it this year to try next year, you won't be disappointed :)
We were suppoed to be putting up our Christmas tree tonight, but unfortunately we were massively disapointed with the tree we got from Tesco's. I ordered online and we massively under estimated the size, it was far too small and just a no no. So it goes back Sunday and hopefully we'll be able to pick another one up so late. We've got other decorations up but of course you want a tree.
Have a good weekend everyone :) xx


  1. I'm really enjoying this swap too not only with the wonderful gifts that i have received but also seeing everyone elses.
    i love the bah humbug idea!!!

  2. I have so enjoyed opening my lovely advent gifts too Nic, really pleased with everything! I have been a bit poorly and at the same time very busy - a womans lot!! - so I have not had chance to take pictures or to blog!

    Have a wonderful Christmas love Annie xx

  3. You should definatley get a snuggie. They're amazing and a country rose one sounds fab x


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