Thursday, 16 December 2010

More advent goodies and our Christmas Tree

I have to say that we think we've decorated the tree spot on this year, it was out with the old tree and in with the bargain £9.99 tree from B&M Bargains! Decorations were a pack of red and gold from Tesco's at £5 (half price) and some wooden ones i picked up at Tesco's that were on 3 for 2 and some felt trees and stars made by yours truely :). The lights are red berries and another bargain from B&M at £3.99, though not switched on in this picture. Small cute little boy is of course optional!

Onto my latest swap goodies, day 11 and a fantastic badge from Annie, love it!

Day 12 and some more yummy chocolate, though I did allow my children to have a bite each, just the one mind.

Day 13, and a beautiful lavender smelling felt puch thingy (not sure what to call it), it smells divine and that's all that matters.

Day 14 and a fabulous NOEL bunting, that went straight up in the kitchen.

Day 15, a gorgeous floral make up pouch, another winner!

Thank you so much again Annie, this has been a wonderful swap, I think the fact you can only open one per day makes it more exciting, does any one else think so?
I'm al little scared to say it but I think I'm all ready for have been made and delivered, presents have all been purchased or made, wrapped and delivered, decorations are up, Christmas dinner has been ordered and will be picked up Christmas Eve, don't think there's anything else left to do, I think?????
Have a good weekend everyone xxx

Friday, 10 December 2010

I'm a bit behind on showing my advent goodies, so here are days 4 to 10! I feel so lucky, I have received some beautiful things. I hope that Annie is just as pleased, she assures me that she is, though she is really busy at the moment with shop orders.

Day 4 some really vibrant ric riac in blue, white and red. I can't wait to use this on a project!

Day 5 - some humbugs! Very clever there Annie :)

Day 6 - a really gorgeous hand felted purse, just what I would have picked myself.

Day 7 - some make your own felted earrings, something to amuse me over the festive period.

Day 8 - some yummy chocolate.

Day 9 - masses of red and gold sequins on string, will definitely be using these for my Christmas decorations some how.

Day 10 - a lovely mirror with Sooty, Sweep and Sue, I loved that programme when I was little.

So as you can see I've been throughly spoiled. The time I open these little parcels is getting earlier and earlier, sometimes before I've even had my morning cup of tea! And I've still got another 14 to open, heaven. This has been a great swap, I definitely recommend to anyone who didn't do it this year to try next year, you won't be disappointed :)
We were suppoed to be putting up our Christmas tree tonight, but unfortunately we were massively disapointed with the tree we got from Tesco's. I ordered online and we massively under estimated the size, it was far too small and just a no no. So it goes back Sunday and hopefully we'll be able to pick another one up so late. We've got other decorations up but of course you want a tree.
Have a good weekend everyone :) xx

Thursday, 2 December 2010

I t feels like such a long time since I have posted, I've not looked but I'm sure it is. Life has been such a blur, this may explain what I've been doing though:

L was 3 on Tuesday and H was 13 on Wednesday! I made these lovely cakes Tuesday morning, surprisingly there aren't any left, a good sign :)

I did my last stall last Friday, it was so busy! It was really well organised, the school had a vintage theme with a make do and mend stall and all the teachers dressed up in 50's costume, it was brilliant. I did ok, it confirmed my earlier theory of what I needed on my stall. Having Avon on there and handmade stuff seems to confuse people. The Avon is too expensive for the kids (though nail varnish is only £3, but they want to pay £1) and the adults are just not really into the Avon. It hasn't put me off, but I do know who my market is now so I will have a stall to suit that. I loved the whole experience of it, it's quite liberating putting yourself in the spotlight and selling yours handmade wares.

I haven't shown my advent swap parcel yet. I have been paired with the lovely Annie, The Felt Fairy, who is someone I have been following for a while. This arrived really promptly a week before the 1st Dec, not like mine which probably just got to Annie in time!

I was really scared about having to put together such a large parcel but Annie suggested we have so many treat days and the rest chocolate days, this made it much easier to put together.

This what I have opened so far: I really gorgeous needlecase, I love it!

Some yummy chocolate, that didn't last long.

Today was a fabulous crocheted flower brooch, which I am wearing now, I love it.

I hope you like the things I've put together for you Annie. Thanks to LaaLaa for organising this great swap.

I'm off to check out what's going on in the world of blogs and what others having been putting in there swaps.

We've not had much snow here but I know that's not the same for everyone so I hope no one has been too affected by the snow.

Have a lovely weekend and will post more advent swap pictures next week. :) xxx

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