Friday, 10 September 2010

I don't like routine but I enjoy the familiarity of routine

Does anyone else feel the same?

I've really enjoyed the freedom of the school holidays; getting up when we want (within reason with a 2 year old), not having to get ready straight the way, coming and going when we want, even having dinner late, going out all day BUT I have to say since the kids went back to their respective school/pre school I do feel much better! I know what day it is, I can plan some time to do things, errands get done, all that sort of stuff really.

I'm so behind on my poor blog and I've not managed to complete any crafty things, they're all still just ideas swimming round my head and I don't know where to start.

I'm finally getting my sewing machine out, I know I've said this before but i really think I'll do it this time. I bought my OH a top from one of the supermarkets but it's a little long, I can sort that out I said, eek!, I'm just going to go for it, it wasn't expensive thank goodness. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'll finish with a picture of me and the kids, it was taken on our recent holiday to Paignton. We were on a steam train that takes you from Goodrington Sands to Kingswear where we went over on a ferry to Dartmouth, it was a really lovely day and L loved the train bless him. It was my favourite day of the holiday.

I look forward to catching up properly on everyones blogs, normal service is to resume.

Nic xxx


  1. Lovely picture Nic. I will email you later for a catch up. Lynda xx

  2. Lovely pic! I know what you mean...the freedom of the holidays is nice, but getting back to a system and some sense of order is really nice too. I much prefer the half terms as it seems like a nice treat for a week to mooch about! Have a lovely weekend! Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Nicola, you have made the last comment on my blog to win a 'Pay it Forward' gift. So if you can let me have your contact details via friends connect or email, I can send your little gift to you.

  4. Summer hols are soooo long! I loved the routine of the school week! xx


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