Friday, 24 September 2010

Hearts and cards

It's so cold today brrr! Me and L have been to the local woods with the playschool for a walk, it was good fun, we picked up interesting leaves and stuff to take back and make things with for the children next week. After such a sunny week it's typical that the day we go to the woods it's cold. Hay ho, the kids don't care anyway. One little boy was jumping in all the puddles and mud, his mum had dressed him in head to toe waterproofs though , she clearly knows what he is like!
I have been quite busy with crafting this past week. I've made some more cards for my friends shop, I forgot to photograph before I put in cello bags!:

My friend asked me to make a card for her neighbour who was celebrating her silver wedding anniversary and she wanted to give her something personal as she is the godmother to her children:

Finally me and H have gone heart crazy making felt heart decorations, it's been lovely to sit and sew with her. It makes a change from her sitting on her laptop for hours. We just have to be careful of L near the needles.

I've just received some ric rac from an ebay seller to add to the hearts so that they can hang around the house.

I've also made my first brooch, a pink felt one of course, which I am wearing today to brighten up my grey top! The fabric is some Anna Griffin squares that I got from QVC some time ago and didn't know what to do with them.

I hope everyone has a great weekend

Nic xxx

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Sewing and Baking

Oops! Just realised I didn't post in the week, I wanted to show you my feeble attempt at clothes altering. This is not what I had my sewing machine for but I guess it does start me off slowly with using the machine.

It didn't start well...... firstly on my test material the thread was dirty when it stitched on the material. Why? I didn't know so I rang the supplier, packing grease apparently, so he tells me how to get rid of it. Phew! It still doesn't feel right, realise there's no foot on the machine, ahh, ring again, where's the zig zag foot? I should have one......oh,.....I look properly for the foot, find it and put it on, what a numpty! That's much better :).

I know I'm supposed to press the seams when I sew but my impatience gets the better of me after all the faffing around so I just go for it. It's not the straightest seam in world by a long shot but after I'd finished I did feel more confident about using the machine.

Original seam

No turningback now!

A little bit wonky but still wearable, a success :)

What I could really do with is a small project any ideas gratefully accepted.

I also did some baking with H last Friday, she was going to a sleepover so we made some fairycakes/cupcakes to take with her.

Covered with sprinkles that I got in a swap from Hookin with LaaLaa, perfect! :)

Have a good weekend everyone, Nic xxx

Friday, 10 September 2010

I don't like routine but I enjoy the familiarity of routine

Does anyone else feel the same?

I've really enjoyed the freedom of the school holidays; getting up when we want (within reason with a 2 year old), not having to get ready straight the way, coming and going when we want, even having dinner late, going out all day BUT I have to say since the kids went back to their respective school/pre school I do feel much better! I know what day it is, I can plan some time to do things, errands get done, all that sort of stuff really.

I'm so behind on my poor blog and I've not managed to complete any crafty things, they're all still just ideas swimming round my head and I don't know where to start.

I'm finally getting my sewing machine out, I know I've said this before but i really think I'll do it this time. I bought my OH a top from one of the supermarkets but it's a little long, I can sort that out I said, eek!, I'm just going to go for it, it wasn't expensive thank goodness. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'll finish with a picture of me and the kids, it was taken on our recent holiday to Paignton. We were on a steam train that takes you from Goodrington Sands to Kingswear where we went over on a ferry to Dartmouth, it was a really lovely day and L loved the train bless him. It was my favourite day of the holiday.

I look forward to catching up properly on everyones blogs, normal service is to resume.

Nic xxx

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