Sunday, 1 August 2010

A few cards and a family creation

Well it's been a little while since I last posted but I didn't realise how busy I was going to be over the school holidays. Though I have to say I am enjoying it so far, it's great not having to get up and out. L usually wakes early but it's nice not having to get ready straight away. I know it's sounds really lazy but I've always worked and I will have to go back to work eventually so I've got to make the most of this while I can! I've not had chance to do as much crafting as I'd like, I don't have a craft room so just do it in the Kitchen/Conservatory so having to get my stuff out and put away everytime can get a bit tiresome, also L would be straight in there messing with stuff and I don't like to keep telling him no.
I did make the cards below though for the OH nephews childrens Christening (you still with me!), they were having their son and daughter Christened at the same time. I always dread these situations slightly as L does not like sitting still but actually he was very good, until he realised his voice echoed in the church so was a little bit shouty at the end :)

These cards are for my friends flower shop (sorry about the poor quality photo), she sells them for me and I give her a nominal amount per card sold. I've had a few steady sales so hopefully I will extend to other local shops.

Finally, this is mine and H creation, she loves papercrafting too but feels lost for ideas sometimes. I wanted to do something together and remembered that we had some A3 paper stashed away. It's great because it already looks aged, we're hoping to do a treasure map next.

We made it using paper from my scraps box and shaped punches, peel off stickers, chalks and glitter.

I'm probably not going to be posting as much over the holidays but I will try and check out everyone's blogs at much as possible. We go away again at the end of August so fingers crossed for the weather :)

Nic xxx


  1. Hello. Those are really nice cards. Well done.
    I am lucky i got my own little corner for crafting-i hate when i need to pack everything away and than out again.
    Enjoy your holidays

  2. Love your cards, I love owls and of course cakes xxx


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