Friday, 16 July 2010

Vintage Swap Goodies

Would you believe I actually started writing this post on Friday night, no I'm not that slow at typing. I realised I hadn't uploaded my photos from camera to put in the post, doh!
And it has taken this long to get onto the computer to do it. I had a busy night Friday getting my Avon deliveries together, I'd enlisted the help of H and her friend who was sleeping over but it actually took even longer as they were forever asking, where's this or what does this look like or just generally being distracted by the television, hay ho the thought was there to help me anyway :).

Saturday was then spent doing the deliveries then we attended an evening Wedding Reception, my friend recently got married in Mauritus and wanted to have a 'do' back here. We managed to stay till 10.30pm which with L was pretty good. I don't like keeping him out late and we've actually only done it a couple of times for special occasions such as these. We take it in turn to run around after him because he cannot stay in one place for long so I think we were all ready to go by that time anyway.

Sunday day has been spent spring cleaning my daughter's bedroom, with her of course, I'm trying to show her how to do it herself as she has a tendancy to cut corners. So we've spent 5 hours doing it and it's still not finished would you believe. It's not a big bedroom she is just not very good at keeping it tidy, We've created 3 big bags of rubbish and 2 bags of stuff to take to a car boot. We're hoping to do one before we go on holiday to make some spending money for our holiday. Fingers crossed :)

Anyway onto my original reason for the post!

I received these beautiful and obviously well thought out goodies from the lovely Mimi, she doesn't have a blog but does peruse blogland. I was so impressed with how well Mimi had wrapped the parcels, they were very enticing, take a look at what greeted me.

I love them all, but the cool blue tin is fab, it matches perfectly with our kitchen and the vintage shoe is proudly on display in our glass cabinet along with our other 'old' stuff.

The secented sachet is gorgeous and the phone cover is amazing, I was just thinking I needed a new one....spooky :).

Thank you so much Mimi, I hope you like yours too.

This is what I sent to Mimi.......

I hope everyone has had a great weekend :) xx


  1. What great gifts, and yours look super too. I am sure Mimi will be thrilled with them.

  2. Your pressies look fabulous! I had to laugh when I read about you and your daughter tidying her room...Little J and I are tackling hers tomorrow! Yikes! Hope we manage to fill as many bags as you two! I do love getting your comments over at Amanda Makes. I'm a bit rubbish at answering but I do really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  3. Wow, what a lovely bunch of gifts! I am rather jealous! My two eldest boys share a room and asking them to tidy it is a complete nightmare! They don't realise that they could get it done in 5 minutes if they worked together but it takes about 3 hours to do a pathetic job and a HUGE amount of arguing! Boys! Have a lovely day! xxx

  4. I haven't done my swop yet I'm waiting for some me time in the hols yours looks lovely.

    Children and rooms say no more my daughters is back from uni with a flat full of stuff spread around everywhere.

    Cate x

  5. Oooh, lovely goodies! I'm struggling with my Vintage swap a bit. xx

  6. What a lovely blog you have!
    You have been very lucky to get lovely goodies...
    ... although so as your swap partner!


  7. Hi Nicola, thank you for choosing to follow my blog. I'm glad you did as it led me to yours, which is beautiful! Just to let you now I'm hosting my first giveaway to celebrate my blog's first anniversary, I'm giving away some silver and gemstone jewellery designed and made by me. So if you'd like to enter just pop over and leave a comment letting me know to put your name in the "hat". I hope you're having a great week. Sending smiles, Em. x


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