Monday, 5 July 2010

Strawberry loveliness......

Another parcel arrived for me at the end of the week.......of course it was my strawberry swap parcel from Hookin with LaaLaa. I was soooo excited, what would be in this one????
It never ceases to amaze me what people send, how creative they are and how different they all are as we all interept the theme in different ways. And I wasn't disappointed, Lynda was very generous and thoughtful.
Wow, what a big box, whatever could be in there, let's take a look!
Interestingly shaped parcels, with funky strawberry paper. I can't wait any longer I've got to open them to find out what's inside.
Well I have been throughly spoiled, what a collection of loveliness. A wonderful picnic basket (how did Lynda know I had been thinking of these?), a beautiful strawberry cup which I am currently drinking tea from as we speak, some amazing chocolate truffles (no they didn't last long at all), some sprinkles for my baking, some gorgeous strawberry fabric, a really cute strawberry cupcake trinket pot, a CK polka dot measuring tape (I love this!), a felt strawberry needle case, a strawberry pin cushion and some yummy strawberry bon bons!

Thank you so, so much Lynda. I hope you like what I've sent to you.

If you're reading this and you haven't particpated in a swap before and you're unsure of doing one, definitely go for it. This is one of my first swaps and I'm not disappointed, it really gets your creative juices flowing and you meet some wonderful friends along the way. There are a few going on in blogland at the mo with different themes.

Take care xxx


  1. What a lovely box of goodies! Lucky You! xx


    Thanks for becoming a follower on my Blog.

    I am going to be doing a giveaway in the next couple of weeks, so keep coming back to have a look. Will post some piccies in couple days as have now decided what I am giving away.

    Good luck with your card making I started 3 years ago and have now gone on to more things! The give away would be right up your street!!

    Michelle x

  3. What lovely goodies. Love a cute picnic basket, makes even plain cheese sandwiches taste divine. PixieDusts swap is the first swap I have done and I think I may do a few more.
    Was lovely to find your blog.


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