Thursday, 1 July 2010

Look what the postie brought me........

Just to say that I received this parcel on Tuesday but have been having major problems with blogger trying to get the pictures on here, not sure if anyone else gets this issue but it is very annoying!

It's from my Boudoir Swap buddy Aija from CraftySmiles, and she is one talented lady!

Look it's got my name on it.......oh go on then, I'll just dive in.

What gorgeous colourful parcels.................

I couldn't believe what fabulous goodies she had sent, she is a very talented lady indeed and very generous too.

I love this bag with a really cute heart with ribbon flowers, everytime I look at it I just smile it is gorgeous.

So I got this beautiful bag, some wonderful smelling CK sachets, a really pretty shell necklace, a embroidered hankie, a cute charm, some lovely chocolate, some fab shoe fabric, a trinket box, a fab heart, a nail file, some cute flowery tissues and finally (breathe!) a fab retro postcard. I have been throughly spoiled, I hope Aija likes what I've sent to her.

This is the first swap I have done and it has been a great experience, a chance to get to know someone better and put together things you think they might like. I've probably made more effort with this swap then with anyone's birthday so far this year, I suppose that's because as fellow crafters we appreciate how much time and effort go into doing them.

I will definitely do more they help you be more creative, I've also done a Strawberry swap with Hookin with LaaLaa, hopefully she will receive her parcel too soon.

Thanks again Aija xxx


  1. Hi your parcel looks lovely I like the bag.
    I'm about to do my first swap, I have been watching for ages and finaly decided to join in with Tilly Rose's vintage swap enjoy your parcel
    Cate x

  2. Hi,You are welcome. I am so happy you like it.
    Ps. If you want more swapping : ) I am doing one on my blog too. I like to be beside the seaside-You are welcome to join!!!!!

  3. Lucky You xx Lovely lot of goodies! xx

  4. I've somehow got involved with another two swaps. CraftySmiles Seaside swap and Tilly Rose's Vintage swap, I think I'm hooked!

    My OH couldn't believe what I've got, it made him remark that it just shows that there are nice people out there not just people out for what they can get.

    I suppose there is an element of trust that your swap partner will infact follow through with the swap. I never had any doubt that my swap buddies wouldn't. I think it's a wonderful way to make friends. :) xx

  5. What beautiful things , lucky you !


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