Friday, 16 July 2010

Vintage Swap Goodies

Would you believe I actually started writing this post on Friday night, no I'm not that slow at typing. I realised I hadn't uploaded my photos from camera to put in the post, doh!
And it has taken this long to get onto the computer to do it. I had a busy night Friday getting my Avon deliveries together, I'd enlisted the help of H and her friend who was sleeping over but it actually took even longer as they were forever asking, where's this or what does this look like or just generally being distracted by the television, hay ho the thought was there to help me anyway :).

Saturday was then spent doing the deliveries then we attended an evening Wedding Reception, my friend recently got married in Mauritus and wanted to have a 'do' back here. We managed to stay till 10.30pm which with L was pretty good. I don't like keeping him out late and we've actually only done it a couple of times for special occasions such as these. We take it in turn to run around after him because he cannot stay in one place for long so I think we were all ready to go by that time anyway.

Sunday day has been spent spring cleaning my daughter's bedroom, with her of course, I'm trying to show her how to do it herself as she has a tendancy to cut corners. So we've spent 5 hours doing it and it's still not finished would you believe. It's not a big bedroom she is just not very good at keeping it tidy, We've created 3 big bags of rubbish and 2 bags of stuff to take to a car boot. We're hoping to do one before we go on holiday to make some spending money for our holiday. Fingers crossed :)

Anyway onto my original reason for the post!

I received these beautiful and obviously well thought out goodies from the lovely Mimi, she doesn't have a blog but does peruse blogland. I was so impressed with how well Mimi had wrapped the parcels, they were very enticing, take a look at what greeted me.

I love them all, but the cool blue tin is fab, it matches perfectly with our kitchen and the vintage shoe is proudly on display in our glass cabinet along with our other 'old' stuff.

The secented sachet is gorgeous and the phone cover is amazing, I was just thinking I needed a new one....spooky :).

Thank you so much Mimi, I hope you like yours too.

This is what I sent to Mimi.......

I hope everyone has had a great weekend :) xx

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Yummy cookies....

I have to say that I am more than a bit partical to a spot of baking. Any baking will do, usually though it includes chocolate because I am, I will confess a complete chocoholic. I know it's not good but I love it. Now confession over!
I was lucky enough to win a giveaway hosted by Hookin with LaaLaa, which included an amazing book, The Buttercup Bake Shop Cook Book. Even the name gets your mouth watering :), and I wasn't disappointed, it is full of yummy recipes.
I also received some fabulous chocolate in my swap parcel from Craftysmiles, well that got my mind working.....maybe I could use the chocolate in my baking....yay! So I had a good look through the receipes and choose Thumbprint Cookies. In the recipe it says use jam but I thought a square of chocolate would be just a good!

My cook book, chocolate and really cool UJ oven glove also included in the giveaway

My little cookies all ready to go into the oven.

And here they are, even if I do say so myself they are scrummy. I forgot to mention that I can't eat wheat so have subsituted the normal plain flour for wheat free and you wouldn't know. They taste a bit like shortbread.

I would like to ask my bloggy friends do you know of a good website/info source that can convert the American weights to UK. I think I got it right because they taste great but I wasn't 100% sure I had it right.

Well I'm up bright and early this morning so that's a good start, both kids are at school today so hopefully I should have a productive morning, she says! xxx

Monday, 5 July 2010

Strawberry loveliness......

Another parcel arrived for me at the end of the week.......of course it was my strawberry swap parcel from Hookin with LaaLaa. I was soooo excited, what would be in this one????
It never ceases to amaze me what people send, how creative they are and how different they all are as we all interept the theme in different ways. And I wasn't disappointed, Lynda was very generous and thoughtful.
Wow, what a big box, whatever could be in there, let's take a look!
Interestingly shaped parcels, with funky strawberry paper. I can't wait any longer I've got to open them to find out what's inside.
Well I have been throughly spoiled, what a collection of loveliness. A wonderful picnic basket (how did Lynda know I had been thinking of these?), a beautiful strawberry cup which I am currently drinking tea from as we speak, some amazing chocolate truffles (no they didn't last long at all), some sprinkles for my baking, some gorgeous strawberry fabric, a really cute strawberry cupcake trinket pot, a CK polka dot measuring tape (I love this!), a felt strawberry needle case, a strawberry pin cushion and some yummy strawberry bon bons!

Thank you so, so much Lynda. I hope you like what I've sent to you.

If you're reading this and you haven't particpated in a swap before and you're unsure of doing one, definitely go for it. This is one of my first swaps and I'm not disappointed, it really gets your creative juices flowing and you meet some wonderful friends along the way. There are a few going on in blogland at the mo with different themes.

Take care xxx

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Look what the postie brought me........

Just to say that I received this parcel on Tuesday but have been having major problems with blogger trying to get the pictures on here, not sure if anyone else gets this issue but it is very annoying!

It's from my Boudoir Swap buddy Aija from CraftySmiles, and she is one talented lady!

Look it's got my name on it.......oh go on then, I'll just dive in.

What gorgeous colourful parcels.................

I couldn't believe what fabulous goodies she had sent, she is a very talented lady indeed and very generous too.

I love this bag with a really cute heart with ribbon flowers, everytime I look at it I just smile it is gorgeous.

So I got this beautiful bag, some wonderful smelling CK sachets, a really pretty shell necklace, a embroidered hankie, a cute charm, some lovely chocolate, some fab shoe fabric, a trinket box, a fab heart, a nail file, some cute flowery tissues and finally (breathe!) a fab retro postcard. I have been throughly spoiled, I hope Aija likes what I've sent to her.

This is the first swap I have done and it has been a great experience, a chance to get to know someone better and put together things you think they might like. I've probably made more effort with this swap then with anyone's birthday so far this year, I suppose that's because as fellow crafters we appreciate how much time and effort go into doing them.

I will definitely do more they help you be more creative, I've also done a Strawberry swap with Hookin with LaaLaa, hopefully she will receive her parcel too soon.

Thanks again Aija xxx

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