Friday, 4 June 2010

A lovely week

I can't believe what a great week I've had this week, considering that it is half term. With a 12yr old and a 2 yr old it's difficult to do things that suit both children. I wasn't expecting it to be bad just that my daughter gets a bit fed up that we don't go out and 'do things'. It is hard sometimes to keep up with her friends who all have 2 full time working parents and some of whom have their own businesses. It can be very hard to explain to her that we just don't have the money for Alton Towers and Disney World holidays etc. The thing is you really don't need to spend all that money you just need to spend quality time with each other.

The OH had Monday off and we just chilled in the morning then went to town in the afternoon, though there wasn't a great deal of shops open due to the bank holiday. I did manage to go into The Works which has just opened in our local town, what bargains :), they do a small range of craft items too. So I did indulge with the rest of my birthday money, I absolutely love books, I'm like a sponge soaking up all the information. My head is full of random interesting facts ;).

Tuesday I just had to get some cleaning done, my head was feeling cluttered (all those random facts!) and I just couldn't think straight. It was rubbish weather so I got stuck in and feel much better for it, though to look at it now you'd wonder what I'd done but hay ho!

For the rest of the week we've just been chilling at home, for once H stayed around home more and me and the kids just know hiding under the covers and just letting go and being silly......I loved it, I wouldn't tell her this but I will miss her when she goes back to school she is fab company. She's started knitting and has been perfecting her technique all week, much better than being on msn or facebook.

And onto a busy weekend full of Avon deliveries and an work reunion bbq, which should prove to be quite interesting :)...........

Lastly I made my hairdresser a felt mobile phone cover, which she absolutely loves and she is now showing all her clients, one of whom has placed an order...yay! Think I will add to my website and folksy shop over the weekend.

Have a lovely weekend all xxxx


  1. So great you are just enjoying being together.
    The Phone case is lovely.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. I loved having my children at home in the holidays, we used to make salt dough, it kept them and all their friends happy for hours.
    My daughter is now 21 and today she bought a pair of knitting needles so they never really change.
    Enjoy your weekend
    Cate x


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