Friday, 18 June 2010

A little teaser....

Just a quick post today as I've been frantically trying to get our things together as we go on holiday tomorrow for a week, can't wait.

Why is it us women spend ages working out what to take, packing it carefully and worrying that we've forgotten something. When I know that my OH will get up tomorrow and throw a few things in a case and be ready! Frustrating....why do we do it ladies. It's probably because we know if we don't pack it, it probably wont go. I remember our first (and only actually!) holiday that me and the OH went on on our own. We went to Zante, in was beautiful and hot. The OH packed his case just before we left to go to the airport, suffice to say that wasn't good. He ended up taking 5 pairs of socks and I pair of boxers! I'm sure you'll wear loads of socks when it's in the 30's! There's a moral in that story......plan ;) So while he watches the football I have been filling endless bags and cases with far too many things, that will invariably come back without being worn but I will feel better for taking it.

Anyway, I participated in 2 swaps recently and whilst I have got them all together and wrapped I haven't managed to send them so I promise I will do it on my return. In the meantime I shall give you a sneak preview.

This is for Anja at CraftySmiles who I was partnered with in the Boudour Swap organised by Fondant Kiss

This is for Lynda at Hookin with LaaLaa who I was partnered with in the Strawberry Swap organised by Pixie Dust

And lastly I stubbled on a fabulous bargain in the charity shop today, these balls of wool. I got the lot for £4.50.........what a bargain. These will be going on holiday with me and will become, I hope, a scrummy blanket :)

I don't think I will get chance to check out blogs whilst we're away, we're only going to Devon but I quite fancy having a break from technology and just relaxing, doing my crochet and building sandcastles. I look forward to catching up with what's being happening when I get back.

Nic xxx


  1. Have a wonderful time. It's good to have a complete break now and then. I am with you with the planning before packing. But at least your OH does some of his, mine never does!! I've got it completely wrong.
    Your parcels look exciting I'm sure we will all see the contents later.

  2. Oh that is very naughty-ha,ha,ha.
    Now i need to wait for all week to see what is in those beautifully wrapped little parcels.
    Have good week. And i will get back to you for this ( joke-maybe : ) )

  3. Hope you have a lovely time!
    And the weather is good for you x
    Clare X Weekend Crafter x

  4. Have a great time! Lynda xxx


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