Monday, 28 June 2010

Back to reality......

Well that is it, the holiday is over and what a beautiful week it was. The weather was fantastic, we couldn't have asked for better. We all throughly enjoyed ourselves, I think we did a bit of everything.....beach, pool. shopping, bingo, sightseeing.......there wasn't much we didn't do. Yes I did say bingo, we're secret bingo players in this house. The OH won 3 times we couldn't believe it!
We actually got back late Saturday but I couldn't face coming onto the internet, I wanted to savour the technology free life for a little bit longer :).
I've got my swaps all ready and will get them posted out but for now I am going through all the lovely blogs I follow and catching up with what has been going on in blogland :)
Nic xxx


  1. I'm glad you had a great time hun! you deserve it! I have kept your parcel until I know you are back so I will post it tomorrow. Lynda xxx

  2. Welcome glad you all had a lovely that the weather was good for you!
    We also both love a game of bingo..we used to go to the castle bingo most saturday nites..but not been for ages now!
    Clare xx Weekend Crafter x

  3. sounds awesome. i'd wanna have a vacation like this anyday. welcome back!


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