Monday, 28 June 2010

Back to reality......

Well that is it, the holiday is over and what a beautiful week it was. The weather was fantastic, we couldn't have asked for better. We all throughly enjoyed ourselves, I think we did a bit of everything.....beach, pool. shopping, bingo, sightseeing.......there wasn't much we didn't do. Yes I did say bingo, we're secret bingo players in this house. The OH won 3 times we couldn't believe it!
We actually got back late Saturday but I couldn't face coming onto the internet, I wanted to savour the technology free life for a little bit longer :).
I've got my swaps all ready and will get them posted out but for now I am going through all the lovely blogs I follow and catching up with what has been going on in blogland :)
Nic xxx

Friday, 18 June 2010

A little teaser....

Just a quick post today as I've been frantically trying to get our things together as we go on holiday tomorrow for a week, can't wait.

Why is it us women spend ages working out what to take, packing it carefully and worrying that we've forgotten something. When I know that my OH will get up tomorrow and throw a few things in a case and be ready! Frustrating....why do we do it ladies. It's probably because we know if we don't pack it, it probably wont go. I remember our first (and only actually!) holiday that me and the OH went on on our own. We went to Zante, in was beautiful and hot. The OH packed his case just before we left to go to the airport, suffice to say that wasn't good. He ended up taking 5 pairs of socks and I pair of boxers! I'm sure you'll wear loads of socks when it's in the 30's! There's a moral in that story......plan ;) So while he watches the football I have been filling endless bags and cases with far too many things, that will invariably come back without being worn but I will feel better for taking it.

Anyway, I participated in 2 swaps recently and whilst I have got them all together and wrapped I haven't managed to send them so I promise I will do it on my return. In the meantime I shall give you a sneak preview.

This is for Anja at CraftySmiles who I was partnered with in the Boudour Swap organised by Fondant Kiss

This is for Lynda at Hookin with LaaLaa who I was partnered with in the Strawberry Swap organised by Pixie Dust

And lastly I stubbled on a fabulous bargain in the charity shop today, these balls of wool. I got the lot for £4.50.........what a bargain. These will be going on holiday with me and will become, I hope, a scrummy blanket :)

I don't think I will get chance to check out blogs whilst we're away, we're only going to Devon but I quite fancy having a break from technology and just relaxing, doing my crochet and building sandcastles. I look forward to catching up with what's being happening when I get back.

Nic xxx

Thursday, 10 June 2010

This is why I love blogging...

I'm fairly new to blogging and I didn't really get what it was for, I was a bit cautious about putting personal details onto the internet for all to see. I used Facebook and thought that was a great way to keep in touch with friends I don't get to see regularly but to be honest it's a bit false. I'm not really being me on there, I love crafting and baking and all things like that but I don't think alot of my 'Facebook' friends would get it or get me for that matter. So I don't talk about those things on there, then I discovered blogging......what a relief. It was filled with people talking my language, I could relate to them and I spent the first few days just reading people's blogs in awe. Sometimes I get lost hopping from one to another :).

So then I started my own, I struggle to know what to write sometimes even though I know there's lots of things to say. I need to let go and just write what I think but I'm quite a reserved person so I think it may take some time to relax and just write. I read the blogs I follow every day and comment on many as they write about things I'm interested in or that I'm feeling too.

Anyway the reason for todays blog is that I won a giveaway :), a giveaway that could have been tailored just for me aswell. I was so excited when I found out that I had won and from someone I had started to follow too Hookin with LaaLaa, she has an amazing blog please check it out.

Here's how the packaged looked when it came........what beautiful paper :), I didn't want to spoil it and carefully opened it without ripping and have saved the paper.

Here's my lovely goodies:

The Buttercup Bake Shop Cookbook - yummy! I love baking

Blogging for Bliss book - perfect for me as a newbie to blogging :)

A UJ keyring - gorgeous

Some Cath Kidston badges from Scarlet Butterfly - fab xx

And a Keep Calm and Carry On badge - have given this to OH as he is having a tough time at work and this will lighten the mood

And finally a UJ ovenglove - perfect to go with the matching UJ storage tins that I recently bought!

Oven glove with matching storage tins

Look what page the cookbook opened on, Brownies ;), looks like that will be my first make.

So this is why I love blogging, I have 'met' so many like minded people who are interested in the same things as me and as a stay at home mum who doesn't always see other adults or have adult conversations during the day it is a welcome relief to get lost in the world of blogging for a little while at least.

Thanks for listening
Nic xxxx

Friday, 4 June 2010

A lovely week

I can't believe what a great week I've had this week, considering that it is half term. With a 12yr old and a 2 yr old it's difficult to do things that suit both children. I wasn't expecting it to be bad just that my daughter gets a bit fed up that we don't go out and 'do things'. It is hard sometimes to keep up with her friends who all have 2 full time working parents and some of whom have their own businesses. It can be very hard to explain to her that we just don't have the money for Alton Towers and Disney World holidays etc. The thing is you really don't need to spend all that money you just need to spend quality time with each other.

The OH had Monday off and we just chilled in the morning then went to town in the afternoon, though there wasn't a great deal of shops open due to the bank holiday. I did manage to go into The Works which has just opened in our local town, what bargains :), they do a small range of craft items too. So I did indulge with the rest of my birthday money, I absolutely love books, I'm like a sponge soaking up all the information. My head is full of random interesting facts ;).

Tuesday I just had to get some cleaning done, my head was feeling cluttered (all those random facts!) and I just couldn't think straight. It was rubbish weather so I got stuck in and feel much better for it, though to look at it now you'd wonder what I'd done but hay ho!

For the rest of the week we've just been chilling at home, for once H stayed around home more and me and the kids just know hiding under the covers and just letting go and being silly......I loved it, I wouldn't tell her this but I will miss her when she goes back to school she is fab company. She's started knitting and has been perfecting her technique all week, much better than being on msn or facebook.

And onto a busy weekend full of Avon deliveries and an work reunion bbq, which should prove to be quite interesting :)...........

Lastly I made my hairdresser a felt mobile phone cover, which she absolutely loves and she is now showing all her clients, one of whom has placed an order...yay! Think I will add to my website and folksy shop over the weekend.

Have a lovely weekend all xxxx
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