Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What a beautiful day.....and some cupcakes

I can't believe what a gorgeous day it is today, I've got the bouncy castle up for the little one to play with and I'm chilling in the conservatory. Later I shall be heading off to watch my daughter compete in her school area sports, she doesn't race until 4.55pm so I will go about 4.15pm. She's doing the 200 metres and the relay, she's really good. She's competed at the area sports every year for the last 5 years, fingers crossed for her today.

Well I've not updated for a week but I do try and check the blogs I follow most days and love reading about what people are up to or what they've made, it's always inspirational. I just hope I can be half as good as some of the people here.

I have been doing more shopping....oops! I nipped to the local shopping centre to get my other half some trainers and whilst I was there thought I'd just nip into WHSmiths. I don't normally bother because I think it's quite expensive but came across these fab cupcake drawers....well I couldn't resist. They just fell into my trolley so to speak.....

I make cards to put in my friends flower shop and on Monday made these, I want to put a 'With Love' sentiment on them but haven't got one to match. I'll probably do one on the pc I think.

This is one of my recent charity shop finds in situ, it was only £1.50, it's really pretty. I'm gradually feminising our home so the other half doesn't realise....he prefers minimal and contempory. Well I'm the one who has to clean it all....

And finally a picture of my little man asleep on the sofa, drink stuck in his mouth. He just loves sleeping with his arms behind his head.....

Have a lovely weekend everyone
Nic x


  1. The drawers are great I only WHS shop now when things are reduced.

    Your little one looks so cute. Hope area sports went well

  2. Ooh love the cards! You find some lovely things, wanna come shoppppping with you!
    Have a great weekend x

  3. school sports day doesn't it come around fast
    hope it goes well

    How I wish I could shop in the mornings and grab a bargain : )

    enjoy your weekend
    Cate x

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments....think I would make a great personal shopper actually Deborah:).....I know I'm lucky Cate to have the opportunity to be at home with my son and shop of course hehe xx

  5. Hi, we are partners in Pixie's strawberry swap. Woohoo! Please email me and we can get started. Email is Speak soon. Lynda xxx


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