Thursday, 6 May 2010

My first felt make and a crafty idea....

Yesterday was quite a productive one, Lennox goes to playschool in the morning so it means that I can get things done without worring what he's getting up to.

My felt had arrived the other day and I wanted to get started and make something from the book I picked up at the charity shop. I'd been looking through and wasn't sure which project would be the best for a beginner like me. The only time I've ever made anything with felt was at school.

I'd also upgraded my phone to a fancy new one but it didn't come with a case......of course, I shall make one myself I thought...eek! Well, I just had a go, did some rough measuring and cut my felt. I am really pleased with the outcome for my first attempt.

I used Oriental Red felt and Grey Mist for the flowers. I stitched with 6 strands of embroidery floss and the colour was a dark grey. I used a Woodware flower punch for the flowers, which was a bit tricky as they tended to stick to the punch but with a bit of gentle persuasion they came away. I then added some black buttons stitched into the middle of the flowers. Stuck on with pinflair glue.

I think the stictching could be better be not bad for a beginner, of course my daughter wants one for her phone now!

Not content with that I also had a bit of a crafty brainwave too, Lennox loves drawing with his crayons but what do you do with all the pictures?

I stick a couple of pieces of paper to the windowsill in the conservatory for him, it's the perfect height.

Well I thought if I cut them up with decorative edged scissors and punches I could use on cards and scrapbook pages, Fathers Day isn't too far away so could use them on that card for a start.

Well after all that brainwork I need a cup of tea

N x


  1. Thanks Annie, I'm itching to make some more.

  2. Hello Nicola
    Just popped by to say glad you have joined in the giveaway and good luck with the draw.
    Love your phone case, no wonder your daughter is after one. The idea for the pictures is great as well, it will make cards really personal.

  3. Thanks for stopping. That phone case is great ,well done!!!!! Keep up the good work


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