Thursday, 13 May 2010

A little advice needed

It's my birthday in 2 weeks and I wanted to start sewing and thought that I would ask the other half for a sewing machine for my birthday. But I really don't know where to start and what to look for. I would really appreciate any tips or suggestions on what model/make or just what to look for. I don't necessarily want a new one just one that I can use! And any good sewing books as well I guess!

Here's a picture of me and my daughter on Sunday night all dressed up and ready to go out. We were going to see a dance show that her friends were in. She used to go dancing herself but decided to stop in the summer last year, though going to the show has reignited her interest and she wants to start again.
Just a short post today, though I have been charity shopping again! I have picked up some little tit bits for an upcoming swap so not going to show just yet!
Nic x


  1. have you ever done sewing before???
    If not go for easy one Like Toyota,Brother are good (cheaper ones are good for beginners)Not to cheap ones ,they aren't good. I got one brand new at home which i don't need. It works amazing( I use exactly same one) great for beginners and experienced ones ,got a lot of stitches,goes through leather ,denim and so on.
    out there is a lot of great books. I started to sew only last summer ,and learned only from books and internet+2 online friends

  2. No never sewn before, except at school. Can't believe you've only just learnt, I've seen your sewing projects on your blog! What model do you have? I prefer to learn from books at my own pace, may try youtube aswell

  3. Email me at It is easier to talk that way : )

  4. Hi Nicola just found your blog, I love cs as well.
    If you go on my blog you will see the little machine I got as a pressy a few weeks ago, I didn't want anything too fancy or big and its great for my needs, the odd cushion cover etc.

    Anyway its nice to meet you
    Cate x

  5. My advice would be to go for something simple, and functional - you don't need a million stitches or fancy things. Are you a member of freecycle? Go and join up, and post a Wanted for one - you might get lucky!

    Have a look on sewing forums and directories for some advice - here's one.
    I found this site through Sew Hip magazine which is a great title - they did a sewing machine feature once - maybe try and get a back issue from them?
    Hope this helps - but don't be blinded by amazing features - sturdy, reliable, simple but not the cheapest, is a good guide. We'll be starting up our own magazine site soon, so I will make a mental note to do a Sewing Machine article!
    x x x

  6. Thanks Catherine, I'll check out those websites. Great blog btw, you're five things about sewing has inspired me to take it up even more! x

  7. hello - just popping by and wanted to suggest you try coopers, if you search on google for coopers sewing machines you will find they have a website and can sell you their own machine the 'Ruby' or a variety of really well known brands - they also sell on QVC. I have bought my singer from them and coujldn't get to grips with it so visited their North London office (not local - 2 hr journey) for tuition with lovely Olive - they are a fantastic, small family run firm and really genuine - maybe give them a try?


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