Sunday, 2 May 2010

Gorgeous Finds...

Well I'm not updating my blog as often as I'd like but the days are just flying by at the moment. I need to put it into my routine somewhere. I think I'll try to update once a week at first and if anything interesting happens in the meantime I'll add it in. Good intentions and all that!

Saturday was a busy one, I do an Avon round and have started to canvass a new area so took the little one with me in the buggy and collected books all morning. That was tiring, just need to think of it as exercise......

Next I went with my daughter to a cake bake in add of MS that was on the village. There wasn't a great deal but I did get some gluten free cakes for me which was good cos they don't normally cater for people like me that can't eat wheat.

I also found a gorgeous brooch.

How pretty is is beautiful :)

I also picked up some Ladybird books for my little boy. I was reading The Felt Fairy blog and she mentioned Ladybird books and it made me reminisce about the books I read when I was little. I must of had nearly all of them, my mum taught me to read with them. So when I saw these books I couldn't resist.

I'm hoping it's not going to rain today as I wanted to go out with the family somewhere. Well the washing is calling so best go and sort it out!

N x


  1. I will return in 3 days to test you on your sums! lol! Well done on your finds xx

  2. Oh that brooch is so cute!!

  3. That brooch for sure is a great find.
    And you got a nice blog here,Well done.
    PS welcome to the blog land : )


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