Saturday, 29 May 2010

A lie in......what bliss

Well have managed to stay in bed till 7.50am which for me is a huge lie in, normally L gets up anytime after 6.00am which for me is too early. Practically I like getting up early as I do get so much more done before the day really begins but when I'm being woken up at that time I just feel grumpy and tired.

I've had a lovely week this week, the weather at the weekend was beautiful and we spent most of the weekend chilling in the garden with the kids, we even had an impromptu bbq on Sunday and 2 of H's friends came too which made it very loud and chaotic but was fun. It's on days like this that we wish we had a bigger garden, there didn't seem enough room but the kids don't mind they play whatever.

The OH had the day off on Monday which was lovely as it meant he could come with me to pick L up from pre-school which L loved too. It was still nice so we did have a longer walk home and got an ice cream on the way home :).

Then it was my birthday Thursday.......eek 33! The last year of my early thirties as I was informed by the OH..thanks! It was a really lovely day, the OH was at work and H was at school so it was just L and me which was fine. H had made me a beautiful little scrapbook with all her favourite pictures in it was gorgeous, it meant so much.

I got these beautiful flowers from the OH, sorry about the rubbish photo it was a bit dark, they smell amazing everytime I walk past them a get whiff. They're from my friends flower shop.

He also got me this sewing machine, as recommended by CrafySmiles :), there as so many out there and as I am a complete beginner this looked like it had more than enough for me. But I've still not used it yet, it feels a bit intimidating....I'm going to wait until I've got the house to myself Monday morning and have a play. I couln't do it with everyone watching, I'll have a look at the instructions in the meantime.

I also got some beautiful smellies from various friends and the latest Lady Gaga album which is currently being played in my car.

In the afternoon I baked these cupcakes, chocolate and mint yummy! Later on someone had bought me some maltesers so I thought they would finish off the cupcakes brilliantly As you can see they had already gone down, surprise surprise they've now gone. It was nice to be able to offer them to people coming round.

My week wouldn't be complete without some visiting the local charity shops and I did pick up some fab bargains. I picked this bag up for £2, I thought it would be great to hold my crochet and yarn, which it does beautifully :)

What are my plans for this weekend, well we're all going to a friends wedding evening reception this evening, they have a creche until 9.00pm. It will be nice us all going out together as a family which we don't get to do very often. Currently it is raining but I'm sure it said on the weather that it will brighten up I hope so.

Lastly I am really excited about participating in my first ever swap, I'm doing Pixiedust's Strawberry swap and have been paired with Hookin' with LaaLaa who I have just started to follow. I'm a bit nervous about what to do but I've already had a few moments of inspiration about what to include but I'm not revealing.......

I hope everyone has a fab weekend whatever you do xxxx

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What a beautiful day.....and some cupcakes

I can't believe what a gorgeous day it is today, I've got the bouncy castle up for the little one to play with and I'm chilling in the conservatory. Later I shall be heading off to watch my daughter compete in her school area sports, she doesn't race until 4.55pm so I will go about 4.15pm. She's doing the 200 metres and the relay, she's really good. She's competed at the area sports every year for the last 5 years, fingers crossed for her today.

Well I've not updated for a week but I do try and check the blogs I follow most days and love reading about what people are up to or what they've made, it's always inspirational. I just hope I can be half as good as some of the people here.

I have been doing more shopping....oops! I nipped to the local shopping centre to get my other half some trainers and whilst I was there thought I'd just nip into WHSmiths. I don't normally bother because I think it's quite expensive but came across these fab cupcake drawers....well I couldn't resist. They just fell into my trolley so to speak.....

I make cards to put in my friends flower shop and on Monday made these, I want to put a 'With Love' sentiment on them but haven't got one to match. I'll probably do one on the pc I think.

This is one of my recent charity shop finds in situ, it was only £1.50, it's really pretty. I'm gradually feminising our home so the other half doesn't realise....he prefers minimal and contempory. Well I'm the one who has to clean it all....

And finally a picture of my little man asleep on the sofa, drink stuck in his mouth. He just loves sleeping with his arms behind his head.....

Have a lovely weekend everyone
Nic x

Thursday, 13 May 2010

A little advice needed

It's my birthday in 2 weeks and I wanted to start sewing and thought that I would ask the other half for a sewing machine for my birthday. But I really don't know where to start and what to look for. I would really appreciate any tips or suggestions on what model/make or just what to look for. I don't necessarily want a new one just one that I can use! And any good sewing books as well I guess!

Here's a picture of me and my daughter on Sunday night all dressed up and ready to go out. We were going to see a dance show that her friends were in. She used to go dancing herself but decided to stop in the summer last year, though going to the show has reignited her interest and she wants to start again.
Just a short post today, though I have been charity shopping again! I have picked up some little tit bits for an upcoming swap so not going to show just yet!
Nic x

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A little retail therapy

I decided that after buying a couple of Ladybird books at a recent book stall, I needed to dig my old books out from my Mum and Dads. This is what I found.......15 books! It really took me back going through these. Though I did discover that one was an old library book from my primary school.....shhh! don't tell anyone.

On to my retail therapy.........I bought these gorgeous little drawers from Wilkos, they're a great size, perfect for little buttons or embellishments, only £1.50.

Next onto my charity shop finds, this little lot cost me £1.40 altogether! Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet but that is besides the point! The white pots are actually 2 ramakins on top of each other, 40p for 2!

This is my cute little tote bag I bought from the British Heart Foundation, they sell a number of new things that I presume are made for them to sell on. The Geisha doll is actually a money box and this is my daughter's, I've got a blue one. It's for our crafting fund!

Right must keep away from the shops for awhile now, or maybe not hehe!
Nic x

Thursday, 6 May 2010

My first felt make and a crafty idea....

Yesterday was quite a productive one, Lennox goes to playschool in the morning so it means that I can get things done without worring what he's getting up to.

My felt had arrived the other day and I wanted to get started and make something from the book I picked up at the charity shop. I'd been looking through and wasn't sure which project would be the best for a beginner like me. The only time I've ever made anything with felt was at school.

I'd also upgraded my phone to a fancy new one but it didn't come with a case......of course, I shall make one myself I thought...eek! Well, I just had a go, did some rough measuring and cut my felt. I am really pleased with the outcome for my first attempt.

I used Oriental Red felt and Grey Mist for the flowers. I stitched with 6 strands of embroidery floss and the colour was a dark grey. I used a Woodware flower punch for the flowers, which was a bit tricky as they tended to stick to the punch but with a bit of gentle persuasion they came away. I then added some black buttons stitched into the middle of the flowers. Stuck on with pinflair glue.

I think the stictching could be better be not bad for a beginner, of course my daughter wants one for her phone now!

Not content with that I also had a bit of a crafty brainwave too, Lennox loves drawing with his crayons but what do you do with all the pictures?

I stick a couple of pieces of paper to the windowsill in the conservatory for him, it's the perfect height.

Well I thought if I cut them up with decorative edged scissors and punches I could use on cards and scrapbook pages, Fathers Day isn't too far away so could use them on that card for a start.

Well after all that brainwork I need a cup of tea

N x

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Gorgeous Finds...

Well I'm not updating my blog as often as I'd like but the days are just flying by at the moment. I need to put it into my routine somewhere. I think I'll try to update once a week at first and if anything interesting happens in the meantime I'll add it in. Good intentions and all that!

Saturday was a busy one, I do an Avon round and have started to canvass a new area so took the little one with me in the buggy and collected books all morning. That was tiring, just need to think of it as exercise......

Next I went with my daughter to a cake bake in add of MS that was on the village. There wasn't a great deal but I did get some gluten free cakes for me which was good cos they don't normally cater for people like me that can't eat wheat.

I also found a gorgeous brooch.

How pretty is is beautiful :)

I also picked up some Ladybird books for my little boy. I was reading The Felt Fairy blog and she mentioned Ladybird books and it made me reminisce about the books I read when I was little. I must of had nearly all of them, my mum taught me to read with them. So when I saw these books I couldn't resist.

I'm hoping it's not going to rain today as I wanted to go out with the family somewhere. Well the washing is calling so best go and sort it out!

N x

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