Sunday, 25 April 2010

Bedroom door signs

On to my next non card making project and I decided to make door signs for the kids bedrooms. My daughter had gone into town with her friends and my other half had taken my son to his friends I suddenly found myself on my own in the house.....bliss:). What do I do, well get my craft stuff out of course.

This is for my son's bedroom, he is car mad!

This is for my daughter, she loves pink! I've not put her name on it yet, still deciding where to put it....

Arty angles!

I also mangaged to pick up some fabulous charity shop bargains when I walked in town the other day.

A top for my partner.....£2.99, bargain! It's looks brand new, he's really pleased with it.

I also got a couple of books to add to my collection, I love books, a book on felt accessories which looks really manageable and The Art of Paper Crafts which has some great projects to try.

Photos to follow.

Well both boys are asleep, my other half has gone back to bed as he was up early with the little one and Lennox has fell asleep on the sofa.

My daughter and I are in the conservatory, both on computers! I've got to nip to my friends later, I made her wedding invites and forgot to give her the envelopes! Must find my brain somewhere too!

N x

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